Where to get latest version of Allpix, Geant4 and ROOT

Currently am using the version from July 2021 and would like to move to the latest version, as well as the 11.x version of Geant4 and the latest version of ROOT. Is there somewhere I can get installation that starts with a fresh Ubuntu image. and then install (from source code) each of the dependencies of AllPix. Is there any additional documentation on the options/associated libraries being used by the development team. Finally, is there any information regarding automated testing setup?

Dear @Aatuser

for installing Allpix Squared from source, there is a detailed description available in the user manual, Section 3 (The PDF version is a bit better readable at the moment…). This section also details which of the compile options for ROOT and Geant4 are necessary to use the full potential of Allpix Squared.

A detailed description of the automated testing (both the test cases which you can also run manually and the CI of the repository) is available in the manual, detailed in Section 11.

Should this info not suffice, feel free to come back with additional question! :slight_smile:

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In Section 11 of the manual, you mentioned the detailed description of the automated testing, including the test cases and the CI setup of the repository. Could you please share some insights into the specific test cases that are included in the automated testing? I’m curious to know the scope and coverage of the tests.

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Here is a list of tests included in the testing: