VisualizationGeant4 and global coordinates system

Dear all,
is there a way to show the axes of global coordinates system when using
VisualizationGeant4, please?

Many thanks in advance and best regards,
Marco Bomben

Good morning Marco @mbomben ,

there is a way, yes. There is a G4 command that works like /vis/scene/add/axes 0 0 0 10 mm, but it’s lacking documentation. Here’s a screenshot from the visualisation GUI:

You can either enter this command manually in the command line of the visualisation GUI in case you’re using that, or you can paste this line into a different file and reference it via macro_init parameter of the VisualizationGeant4 module, see here.
It doesn’t look very pretty, I’m afraid, but maybe you can also find some documentation to make it look nicer.


Thanks a lot @pschutze!

Marco Bomben