Using carbon ion beam

Hello experts,
I am new to Allpix2 and trying to simulate carbon ions beam but I haven’t managed to simulate it yet because it gives me error in the particle type each time I run it.
I tried to set the particle type to:
particle_type = “ion”
ion_type = “6 12 6”
number_of_particles = 10000

tryied also:
particle_type = “ion”
ion_type = “6 12 6”

particle_type = “ion”
ion_type = “carbon 12 6”

and also:
particle_type = “GenericIon”
particle_type_Z = 6
particle_type_A = 12
particle_type_Q = 6

particle_type = “C12”

but none of these worked yet :sob:
can any one help me how to set the particle type to carbon ions beam?
I know it is selly question but I need an urgent help in that please
many thanks in advance


The way to do this in [DepositionGeant4] is by setting particle_type to ion/Z/A/Q/E/D. The example in the manual is particle_type = "ion/54/132/0/0eV/false", which gives a Xenon-132 ion with zero charge. The “false” means that decay is not simulated for it. The “E” argument is the excitation energy.

So, in your case, you could put particle_type = "ion/6/12/6/0eV/false" if you want the ion itself to have a charge of 6.
This utilises the Geant4 G4IonTable::GetIon() method.

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@Fajer check the manual:

Thanks a lot all for your helpful answers