Using Allpix2 from CERN Virtual Machine

I am trying to use allpix2 from a CERN open stack virtual machine (CC7) sourcing it from CVMFS.
I have used these two commands:

source /cvmfs/
source /cvmfs/

but when trying to run allpix I get this error:
allpix: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Did I miss something in the installation process?

Thank you!

Hi @krixikraxi

I have not used these machines yet, so I cannot tell for sure but:

  • The first line is not necessary. It sources a particular GCC version which might or might not match the one used to compile the Allpix Squared version you source later
  • The second line is the right one (to use the development version of Allpix Squared, for releases replace latest with the respective version number) and it should bring all necessary dependencies such as ROOT and Geant4.

However, the library missing (libXm) is a dependency of ROOT that (as far as I know) needs to be installed on the system and is not shipped via CVMFS. The exact reason for this escapes me, but could you try to install this in your VM via

yum install motif, motif-devel


Let me know if that solves your issue!

All the best,

Hi @simonspa,
thank you very much for your help!
After installing motif, motif-devel, I encountered another error when trying to run root/allpix (Error in modulemap.overlay · Issue #8157 · root-project/root · GitHub) but that could be solved by installing the dependencies mentioned there.
Now allpix is working on the VM.


Happy to hear it is working now! Why some libraries need to be there on the system side I don’t know, but I do remember having similar problems setting it up on a vanilla CC7 machine here at DESY.

All the best,

PS: hope to maybe see you at the workshop? 4th Allpix Squared User Workshop (22-23 May 2023): Overview · Indico