Use of linear electric field with [Transient propagation]

I have tried to use a linear electric field with the [TransientPropagation] module and it returns the following error.

(FATAL) [I:TransientPropagation:detector1] Error during execution of run:
                                                            This module cannot be used with linear electric fields.
                                                            Please check your configuration and modules. Cannot continue.

Is there a reason why linear electric field and transient propagation cannot be used together?

Best rgds,

PS: I doubt it will be useful but I have attached my configuration files.

main.conf (901 Bytes)
detector.conf (85 Bytes)
imczt.conf (272 Bytes)

Dear Oriane @baussens ,

we at some point restricted the TransientPropagation modules to more elaborate fields, since a linear field is quite likely to produce unphysical results (in a segmented sensor, particles between the electrodes start moving laterally and this is where things become more difficult, to keep it short). However, we see that there is some use to this, hence we quickly changed to issue an error, which will not abort the simulation.

The merge request is already approved and will be merged in a few minutes, probably. You can then fetch the latest version and run your simulation accordingly.

Please let us know whether this solved your issue.


Dear Paul @pschutze ,

Thank you very much for your help. It did solve the issue !