Units meV as MeV


I tried to simulate thermal neutrons with v.3.0.2. Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems to me that DepositionGeant4 module read config wrongly.

Simple output LOG(INFO)<<" ENERGY: "<<config_.get(“source_energy”); gives me for source_energy = 0.025eV:

14:44:22.083| (INFO) [T:DepositionGeant4] ENERGY: 2.5e-08

for source_energy = 25meV:

|14:45:48.554| (INFO) [T:DepositionGeant4] ENERGY: 25

for source_energy = 25keV:

|14:47:13.287| (INFO) [T:DepositionGeant4] ENERGY: 0.025

It looks to me that meV is read like MeV :slight_smile: Could it be so?

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Hi @psmolyan

yes, unfortunately that’s the case. Units are case in-sensitive which prevents us from adding milli units where we have mega and the other way around. :confused:

Only the units listed here are working. So I fear in your case you really have to provide them as

source_energy = 25e-3eV


Hi @simonspa,

thanks! Good to know! My fault for not reading the manual properly.


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