Simulation Freezes!

Hi I am running simulation with timepix with a support layer. My support layer material is as follows:

G4Element* F = new G4Element("Flourine", "F", 9., 18.9984 * CLHEP::g/CLHEP::mole);
G4Isotope* Li6 = new G4Isotope("Li6", 3, 6, 6.0151 * CLHEP::g / CLHEP::mole);
G4Isotope* Li7 = new G4Isotope("Li7", 3, 7, 7.0160 * CLHEP::g / CLHEP::mole);

// Creating Li-6 Enriched Lithium (96 %)    
G4Element* enLi = new G4Element("Enriched Li","enrLi", 2);
enLi->AddIsotope(Li6, 0.96);
enLi->AddIsotope(Li7, 0.04);

// Creating LiF
G4Material* LiF = new G4Material("LiF",2.64*0.5* CLHEP::g / CLHEP::cm3, 2);
LiF->AddElement(enLi, 0.5);
LiF->AddElement(F, 0.5);
materials_["enlif"] = LiF;

When I start my runs, it just freezes at a single location(picture attached).Selection_002

My config file is also attached. Can you please help me with this?

Thanks!input.conf (947 Bytes)

Dear Sanchit,

are you sure it freezes? Looking at the number of initial energy deposited in the sensor it might just run very long to move all charge carriers. Check this by increasing the logging level for this module:

log_level = "DEBUG"

In order to decrease the time of the simulation, consider playing e.g. with the charges_per_step value as described in the manual (Module GenericPropagation).