Separate output for different pixel implants

Hi all,

I have a pixel topology with three different implants. Is it possible to create histograms of collected charge by each of these regions independently? (Charge collected per pixel by implant 1, then by implant 2 and by implant 3).

Thanks in advance for any help you could provide.


Hi @pietrodelta7

right now unfortunately not - a pixel is the smallest unit cell for us. Is there maybe an option that - for the simulation only - you “subdivide” your pixel to form three individual ones? Does the pixel have a symmetry that would allow for this?


Hi @simonspa ,

thanks for your reply. The pixel topology is as sketched:

Is it possible to define different types of pixels within the same chip?

Hi @pietrodelta7

unfortunately not (yet) :smiley: but it would certainly be a nice feature to have in the future!

Thinking a bit about your situation, I would do the following:

  • define only one of your implants in the model file
  • run the simulation, and you will only see charges collected by this implant
  • repeat for the other three implants

Please observe that this will not work for transient simulations, there you would need three different weighting potentials to separate the contributions. For e-field and collected charges however, this will work fine.


Many thanks for the hints @simonspa !