Running Cosmics example on lxplus

Hi all. Is it possible to run the cosmics example on lxplus?

I can run it fine in the docker images but if I try to use the lxplus builds it complains about missing DAT files needed by the MC generator. Are these DAT files available somewhere on lxplus, and if so, how can I point to them?



Hi @jhowarth

that’s odd, in principle the paths should be set up correctly when installing - this is something I’d like to investigate…

But a short answer for you: the data are here: /cvmfs/ and you should get it to load them by manually specifying

data_path = /cvmfs/


Hi @jhowarth

I cannot reproduce this with the pre-installed version from CVMFS, running on LXPLUS:

$ source /cvmfs/
$ allpix -c my_test_sim.conf
|13:43:27.646|  (STATUS) Welcome to Allpix^2 v3.0.3
|13:43:27.647|  (STATUS) Initialized PRNG with system entropy seed 1304239206872806366
|13:43:32.542|  (STATUS) Loaded 7 modules                     
|13:43:32.542|  (STATUS) Multithreading enabled, processing events in parallel on 9 worker threads
|13:43:32.542|  (STATUS) Allocating a total of 2304 event slots for buffered modules
|13:43:32.542|  (STATUS) Initializing 7 module instantiations
|13:43:59.806|  (STATUS) Initialized 7 module instantiations
|13:43:59.814|  (STATUS) Starting event loop
|13:44:01.210|  (STATUS) Finished run of 10000 events                 
|13:44:01.212|  (STATUS) [F:DepositionCosmics] Total simulated time in CRY: 28.6576s
|13:44:01.376|  (STATUS) [F:ROOTObjectWriter] Wrote 2 objects to 4 branches in file:
|13:44:01.378|  (STATUS) Finalization completed
|13:44:01.378|  (STATUS) Executed 7 instantiations in 28 seconds, spending 97% of time in slowest instantiation DepositionCosmics
|13:44:01.378|  (STATUS) Average processing time is 139.592us/event, event generation at 7164 Hz
|13:44:01.378|  (STATUS) This corresponds to a processing time of 1.25633ms/event per worker

Are you building apsq yourself?


Hi @simonspa,

No I’m just running out of the box but I’m running 2.4.1 on centos7 (I’ll try 3.0.3 with your setup). The specific error is this:

|15:00:21.688|  (STATUS) Welcome to Allpix^2 v2.4.1
|15:00:21.688|  (STATUS) Initialized PRNG with system entropy seed 5550715018592308077
|15:00:22.937|  (STATUS) Loading module DepositionCosmics
|15:00:22.937|   (FATAL) [C:DepositionCosmics] Error during execution of run:
                                               Cannot find CRY data files, provide them in the configuration, via XDG_DATA_DIRS or in system directory /tmp/share/Allpix/data
                                               Please check your configuration and modules. Cannot continue.```

It does seem to run if I use lxplus9 and version 3.0.3.

Hi @jhowarth

thanks, that is the issue then - we had trouble with the deployment of shared data files for some older APSQ versions, this has been solved in the 3.x series. If you can, I would recommend updating and if not so specify the data path manually (use the 3.0.3 data files, they did not change).


Thanks @simonspa. It’s not a problem to update to the 3.x series so that seems like the simplest solution. Thanks for the quick responses!