Question on the total deposited charge

Hi everybody,

I have a simple question related to the output plot “deposited charge per event” that is created in the module DepositionGeant4 of Allpix2.

I was wondering if the deposited charge counts both electrons and holes.

I’m simulating gamma of different energies (source_energy = 10, 20, 40 keV) and I always get twice the number of electrons, supposing that

source_energy (in keV) = charge_creation_energy (in eV) x deposited_charge (in ke-)

Many thanks in advance for your feedback. If necessary, I can provide my .conf file.



Hi Paco,

the deposited charge per event indeed counts both electrons and holes. Furthermore, as the name says, the charge is summed up for all particles (number_of_particles) in that event.

You can see that e.g. if you compare this plot to the plot cluster_charge in the DetectorHistogrammer.


Many thanks, Paul, for your answer.