Pulse Transfer simulation for a detector with resistive layer

Hi everyone,

I am working on a simulation for a sensor with a resistive layer under the readout electrode. The field inside the resistive layer will response to the change of time, so the electron induced on the electrode cannot be calculated using Shockley-Ramo static weighting potential model.Here is my WeightingPotential map, and you can see most part is zero, expect the readout electrodes.

I wonder if there is a function or model in Allpix2 now could use dynamic model to calculate charges on the electron? Or anyone has some ideas to simulate the sensors with layer like this?

Thanks for all of you who have any idea!

Dear @Nora

my suggestion would be to implement the timing behavior change either in the front-end (using the CSAdigitizer) where you can fold an arbitrary response function with your SR-pulse, or to implement a separate transfer module (between sensor and front-end) that implements this functionality.


Dear @simonspa ,
Thank you very much. I will try it in the future.

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