Pixel charge in DetectorHistogrammer vs DefaultDigitizer

Hi all,

this is probably a noob question, but what is the difference between the raw pixel charge histogram in the DefaultDigitizer module and the pixel charge in the DetectorHistogrammer module? I get two different profiles (pictures attached). Does it have to do with the threshold in the digitizer? Why do I see such a high peak at the beginning? Many thanks in advance.


Dear @pietrodelta7

The peak at very low values represent pixels which - through diffusion - have received an extremely low number of electrons during signal formation. The histogram you are looking at represents the “raw” input from the sensor to the electronics, while the other histogram shows you the distributor aber the threshold has been applied.

If you set a zero threshold in the DefaultDigitizer, you should be able to reproduce the raw pixel charge plot.

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Many thanks @simonspa !