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Hi everyone, I’m currently simulating a silicon detector using Allpix. I’m interested in controlling the output of my simulation, particularly in generating a plot of the energy deposition as a function of the Z-axis in Allpix 2. Can someone provide guidance on how to achieve this using Allpix? Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Dear @abaoud ,

there are multiple ways to achieve that. The recommended solution would be to store the simulation data via the module ROOTObjectWriter that includes the DepositedCharge objects and write an analysis macro to read those and generate the corresponding graph. You can find starting points for such macros here.

It is possible to also implement such a graph inside the deposition module of your choice, but the upper solution comes with no changes to the executable and is fully independent of your simulation setup (i.e. the chosen deposition module).

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