Obtain time information using capacitiveTranfer?

Dear developers:
I have a confusion when reading user guide. The TDC of DefaultDigitizer can only return time information when pulse information provided. But, if I want to use CapacitiveTransfer to simulate a CCPD, the manual says that it is similar to SimpleTransfer module. I think it means that the pulse information can not be obtained. Therefore, if I want to get time performance of CCPD, I must write a module myself?


Dear @Ricardo

this is indeed something we do not support at the moment. The CapacitiveTransfer module currently is relatively simplistic and only allows to couple the full collected charge into neighboring pixels, but does not do this in a time-resolved manner.

This, however, should not be too complicated to add and if you would like to add this functionality, we’d be more than happy to guide you through the steps necessary.

Best regards,