Number of events in Allpix2

Hello developers,

Why the number of simulated events in Allpix2 is limited? For example, trying to increase the number of events to 1T events, gives a FATLA error message:

(FATAL) Error in the configuration:
Could not convert value ‘1000000000000’ from key ‘number_of_events’ in global section to type unsigned int: conversion not possible
The configuration needs to be updated. Cannot continue.

Why is that? Can it be changed?

Thanks in advance for your replies

Hi @Tasneem

the reason is that we are currently reading this value from the configuration file as unsigned int which is 32bits long and has a maximum value of 4,294,967,295. So, in order to allow for simulating more in one go, we would have to read it as a unsigned long with 64bit (I guess that ~1.8×10¹⁹ should suffice…)

I’ve quickly made that change for you, once merged this will be available in latest: