Models in cvmfs builds missing?

Dear all,
we are new to using Allpix² and are really happy with the first steps. We would prefer using the CVMFS builds compared to compiling the code ourselves. Tests are working just fine with it (latest/x86_64-centos7-gcc8-opt). However, the models seem to be incomplete and contain just the following models, especially missing the diode.conf we want to use:

I cannot find the other models in any other build either. I know we could extend the models ourselves but we hope we can use the software pretty much as-is from CVMFS. Is there something wrong with what I do or are the additional models actually not in the CVMFS build? What is the best way to approach this? In our self-compiled version everything is ok, we would simply prefer the prebuild version… Thanks a lot!!

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Florian Mentzel

Dear @flome

thanks for reporting this, that was a good catch! The installation script had a number of models hardcoded instead of globbing for all available models and installing them. I fixed this in this merge request and the next release will have them all.

In the meantime it is very easy for you to use it with the CVMFS version anyway: you can copy the models from the repository to wherever you want and simply set in your configuration file:

model_paths = "/path/where/you/placed/your/model/file.conf"

Check the manual, Section 5.4 for more infos on how and where models are looked for (towards the end of that section).


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Dear @simonspa,
thanks a lot for the fast reply, this works perfectly fine!

Great to hear, happy I could help. I forgot to mention that the change will - of course - be also available on the next nightly build (latest) since you mentioned using that one.