Material not found on detector model file

Hello all,

I am trying to define a silicon dioxide surface over my detector within the detector model file (i.e. the same file where you define the implants).

Unfortunately, G4 materials are not found. Others like aluminum are handled without error.

My code for the layer is as follows:
size = 200um 200um
thickness = 1um
location = sensor
material = “G4_SILICON_DIOXIDE”

The error is:
I:GeometryBuilderGeant4] Error during execution of run:
Cannot construct support layer: Could not find material with name “g4_silicon_dioxide”
Please check your configuration and modules. Cannot continue.

I would be thankful for any help you could provide.

Hi @pietrodelta7

which version of APSQ is this? allpix --version?


Hi @simonspa ,

it is version version v3.0.0-47-ge2b9a52de-dirty


Hi @pietrodelta7

I already found the issue, this will be included in today’s release 3.0.1!
See Merge Request here.

All the best and thanks for reporting,

Thank you very much!