ISSUE with Simulatoin of Diamond using 213 nm

Hi Dear Allpix team.

I am trying to see the charge collection time and drift mobility of Diamond using a 213nm laser source. the simulation gives the error stating
value 213nm is not valid, currently supported wavelengths are 250 ---- 1450 nm.
is there any way to do it with shorter wavelengths than 250?
Thank you in advance for your patience.

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Dear @sakzai

I presume you are using v2.4.0. There unfortunately the only available material and tabulated absorption lengths are for silicon.

This has already been addressed but not yet released - if you can use the “latest” version of the software, you can configure the absorption length as well as the refractive index of your sensor material directly, for example:

absorption_length = 1mm
refractive_index = 2.5

See module documentation.

The wavelength parameter does not have to be given then as it is only used to look up the absorption length in case of silicon as sensor material.

Does this help?

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Dear Simon,

Thank you very much for the detailed explanation, it is of course helpful. in my case the sensor material is single crystal diamond without any specific read out system. i just want to double check some charge carrier properties of Diamond sensor, but the simulation gives the following error even for 250 nm.

CAUGHT SIGNAL: 11 ### address: 0x8, signal = SIGSEGV, value = 11, description = segmentation violation. Address not mapped to object.

[PID=5510, TID=-1][0/6]> /cvmfs/ [0x7fce5085e08e]
[PID=5510, TID=-1][1/6]> /cvmfs/ [0x7fce5a127152]
[PID=5510, TID=-1][2/6]> /cvmfs/ [0x7fce52038d52]
[PID=5510, TID=-1][3/6]> allpix() [0x4048d2]
[PID=5510, TID=-1][4/6]> /lib64/ [0x7fce500d5555]
[PID=5510, TID=-1][5/6]> allpix() [0x4051b1]

: Segmentation fault (Address not mapped to object [0x8])
Aborted (core dumped)
Thank you very much for your time.

Thanks for reporting this, I can reproduce it and discovered an issue in our build system - the reference data files are not shipped when installed on CVMFS. CVMFS Installations Are Lacking Shared Data (#263) · Issues · Allpix Squared / Allpix Squared · GitLab

I hope we can release v2.4.1 soon that should fix your issues!


Release v2.4.1 is tagged.

Please keep in mind that for diamond as sensor material you will need to provide your own refractive index and absorption length.


Dear @simonspa

thank you very very much for the update.

best regards,