Issue with Pulse information form ObjectWriter.root

Honorable Developers,
I am trying to read pulse information from the PropagatedCharge tree using getpulses() function. Unfortunately it gives me both positive and negative pulses. The simulation is supposed to produce pulses only negative. the colord plot is an example output.

Also trying from PixelPulse(in my case there is one pixel) i am getting a plot but with wrong scaling (maybe or i dont understand it).

.conf files are here.

Many thanks for your kind support.
diamond_detecor.conf (123 Bytes)
diamond_poly.conf (1.7 KB)
sorry i edited the PulseTransfer according to this Precise Simulation of Pulse Signal of a Diode Detector - #2 by simonspa suggestion. i,e
max_depth_distance = 0.01um
collect_from_implant = true
dimond_diode_collimator.conf (338 Bytes)
an ObjectWriter.root file
test_writer.root - Google Drive