Issue with Incorporating Water Phantom in Allpix² Simulation

Dear experts,

I am simulating an HVCMOS detector placed within a water phantom to study the interaction of particles with the detector under different conditions. Before proceeding, I wanted to ask whether it’s feasible to incorporate a water phantom into the simulation setup using Allpix².

I tried to follow the advice provided here, but unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work properly for me. It appears that the beam is being refracted upon hitting the phantom, resulting in the majority of events failing to reach the detector. This behavior has left me puzzled, and I am unsure how to proceed.

I have included the main files for your reference. If you have any advice or insights on how to address this issue, please let me know. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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hv.conf (734 Bytes)
main_file.conf (1.6 KB)
pos.conf (243 Bytes)

Hi @Fajer

please continue the discussion in the other thread by you on the same topic.