Issue editing the thickness of detector


I am having trouble setting up something in Allpix (I am completely new user). At UOL (UK), we are using HVTrack detector has thickness of 150um, I tried first to use the model of timepix with editing the thickness and the number of pixels in the configuration file of timepix, and rebuild Allpix², and all went well. but the resulted hitmap seem to be unchanged! Supposed to be 176176 but what I got 256256! and I am afraid the thickness also hasn’t been changed!
can anyone help me in that?
any advice will be highly appreciated!
Best regards

Hi @Fajer

first of all, welcome, glad to have you as new user.

There is absolutely no need to recompile Allpix Squared in any circumstance, unless you really changed (C++) code. The model files are simple text files that are read at runtime of the program.

Very likely your simulation did not read the file from the place where you have altered it, but from the installed path.

Instead of altering shipped model files, I strongly recommend to just copy them over to where the rest of your simulation files are (and I hope this is not somewhere in the source code…), to name it properly (in your case maybe hvtrack.conf, and then to refer to this in your geometry file:

model = "hvtrack"
position = 0mm 0mm 0mm
orientation = 0deg 0deg 0deg

I would recommend reading through the manual, in particular the Getting Started Section.


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