How can i get the Init file?

I’m a novice. I have some question for INIT file.

How do I get the init file? What documents do I need from TCDA?

Hi @Newyean

the INIT or APF formats are fields evaluated on a regularly spaced grid, while TCAD uses an adaptive mesh size depending e.g. on doping gradients. To generate such a regular field map from your TCAD simulations, you

  • need to export export your fields. From Synopsys Sentaurus you can store the TDR files and convert them to DF-ISE on the command line.
  • need to interpolate the field. This you can do with the Mesh Converter prvided by Allpix Squared, see its documentation here: Mesh Converter | Allpix Squared


@Newyean If I may add, in addition to the above comment and the user manual, maybe have a look on this presentation:



Thanks @hdarwish for chiming in, that is indeed a very useful resource! @Newyean depending on which version of Allpix Squared you are using, make sure to cross-check the parameters for the interpolation, some might have changed in the meantime…

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Thank you very much for your help! @hdarwish @simonspa