Hanging of mesh convertion

Dear maintainers,

I have currently found a problem while converting TCAD mesh to allpix2 readable format via “mesh_converter”. Namely, the converting process has been proceeding for >20h on 12 cores for a 2D mesh without any messages. The mesh contains about 80000 points that shouldn’t take such a long time for precessing.

The following pictures are 1. Log message from mesh_converter: 1
2. configuration file: 2


Hi Sinuo,

I have seen this problem before and I’m not entirely sure what the problem is. It might help to reduce the initial_radius to something smaller, especially if you have regions with very high mesh density, because this reduces the number of permutations to calculate for finding the smallest mesh element.

Also, you could update to the latest version which contains some improvements (I see that you are not on the latest master branch commit from the printout)

If neither helps, maybe you could upload the file e.g. to CERNbox and send me a link via maill so I can have a look?