Geometry of the pixel detector

I have some unprofessional questions that I would like to ask.
First, can our simulation software simulate diode shapes of different sizes?
Second, I can’t see the specific geometry of my pixel detector under the visual interface, why?

Hi @Newyean

  • Yes, a diode is just a 1x1 pixel detector essentially. If you then adjust the “pixel” pitch to a centimeter or so you have a splendid diode. Check also the examples where we have some diodes: examples/simple_diode · master · Allpix Squared / Allpix Squared · GitLab
  • If with “specific geometry” you mean the actual pixel outlines, then the reason is that we usually don’t create them as individual volumes because we don’t need that. You can, however, switch this on for the visualization with
    simple_view = false


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Oh~Thanks for your help!