Gaussian white noise addition to individual pulses with no transfer function convolution

Dear developers,

I would like to add a gaussian white noise in each individual time bin of a pulse taken from the PulseTransfer module. I think this is done by the CSADigitizer, since in the manual I read

Noise can be applied to the individual bins of the output pulse, drawn from a normal distribution.

However, I would like not to include any transfer function, but only this noise component and see its effect on the pulse. Is this something that can be done with the CSADigitizer options and visualised in the output pulsegraphs? How is the noise described in the sentence from the manual added?

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Hi @ldecilla

you have two options:

  • add the Gaussian noise “offline” to your data before analyzing it
  • use a constant transfer function in the CSADigitizer. You can define them via the model = custom mode.

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