Fluence value reported incorrectly

Hello all,

I am performing simulations and defined a fluence in the module “GenericPropagation” as follows:
fluence = 1e+19

The software then warns me with the following message when I start the simulation:
“High fluence of 1e+21neq/cm/cm detected, units might not be set correctly”

As you can see, the value is off by two orders of magnitude. I am doing something wrong? Thanks in advance.

Hi @pietrodelta7

as the user manual states:

If no units are specified, values will always be interpreted in the base units of the framework. In some cases this can lead to unexpected results.

User Manual, Section 3

The default unit for length is mm hence not specifying a unit will interpret the provided value in square millimeters. Just put

fluence = 1e19neq/cm/cm


Thank you @simonspa !