Errors in first run example.conf

I have installed allpix2 successfully on my unbutu22.04, with gcc 11.4.0 and cmake
3.22.1. Errors below occured when fisrtly run of example.conf:

long@longli:~/workarea/allpix-squared/examples$ /usr/local/share/allpix2/bin/allpix -c example.conf 
|10:45:27.489|  (STATUS) Welcome to Allpix^2 v3.0.0-314-ga7156f0c4
|10:45:27.490|  (STATUS) Initialized PRNG with system entropy seed 4565680841101713896
|10:45:27.763| (WARNING) Main ROOT file "/home/long/workarea/allpix-squared/examples/output/modules.root" exists and will be overwritten.
|10:45:27.765|  (STATUS) Loading module GeometryBuilderGeant4
|10:45:27.765|   (ERROR) Library could not be loaded: it is not available
                          - Did you enable the library during building? 
                          - Did you spell the library name correctly (case-sensitive)? 
|10:45:27.765|   (FATAL) Error during execution of run:
                         Dynamic library loading failed for module GeometryBuilderGeant4
                         Please check your configuration and modules. Cannot continue.

Did any one get these errors before?

Hello! I used to have the same problem. I think maybe you should turn on the module GeometryBuilderGeant4 in cmake process, using the command
cmake -DBUILD_GeometryBuilderGeant4=ON …


Thank you Nora, it works!