Electrostatic field simulation file from TCAD

Dear Developers,
I only get the relevant electric field file TDR type at the moment.(Due to the type limitation of the uploaded file, I converted the type of this file from TDR to PDF, which needs to be changed when applying.)
test.pdf (72.5 MB)

Since I wasn’t very familiar with TCAD, there was no way for me to convert that file into the electric field file we needed.(The following figure shows an error in TCAD)

Can you help me convert to the file type we need or tell me the reason for the error? I would be very grateful!

Hi Newyean,

I don’t really understand what’s causing your problem, but I can try to help you find it. You’re running that command in the same directory where you have the TDR file you want to convert?

For the conversion I usually use:
tdx -td test.tdr test_dfise
You can try that and see if it makes a difference.


Thank you very much for your help, but unfortunately I still didn’t succeed. My error process looks like this:

Is there a problem with my electric field file itself, or something else?
Maybe you can help me convert this TDR file? (My TDR file exists as a PDF at the top, just need to change the file suffix.) I’m sorry for my abrupt request, but I tried many things without success.

The problem has now been solved. Thank you for your help~!