Double Sided Silicon Strip Detectors Model


I’m interested in simulating a telescope employing Double-Sided Silicon Strip Detectors. It seems modelling a One-Sided Strip Detector is fairly straight-forward in Allpix-Squared.

Could you suggest, how should I go about modelling the double sided detector?


Dear Yoav,

currently this is not possible without changing the code - however, it shouldn’t be too involved to add support for reading signal form the backside.

They way I would go about this is the following:

  • Introduce a new parameter to the SimpleTransfer module to check for charge carriers close to the backside instead of the frontsize of the sensor
  • Then, add two instances to your simulation using the output-naming scheme, like this:
    output = "frontside"
    collect_from_backsie = false
    output = "backside"
    collect_from_backside = true
  • Continue processing your two data stream using the input keyword:
    input = "frontside"
    threshold = 1500e
    and so forth.

Let me know if you either need help with the implementation of the feature or - even better of course - if you have some working code that you would like to share with the community by including it into the repository. This could also just be a working example of your double-sided simulation code.