Different thresholds in multiple plane setup

Dear allpix-squared developers,

Is there a possibility to set different thresholds for each detector plane in my 3-plane-telescope setup, instead of setting one global threshold for all three planes used?

Thanks very much in advance and regards,
Sophie Roux


It is indeed possible, using the name keyword in the digitiser module configuration. This defines for which detector(s) the module is applied. The example eudet_with_rd53a_dut shows this, for the digitisation in particular;

name = "dut_0", "dut_1", "Reference"
electronics_noise = 50e
threshold = 1500e
threshold_smearing = 200e
qdc_smearing = 50e
output_plots = 1
qdc_resolution = 1

type = "mimosa26"
electronics_noise = 13e
threshold = 60e
threshold_smearing = 4e
qdc_smearing = 0e
output_plots = 1
qdc_resolution = 1

So, just add three digitisation modules with different thresholds, and specify which detector they apply to by using name. This also works e.g. for binding different electric fields to different detectors, so it’s a very handy keyword!

Kind regards,

Dear Hakan, thanks very much for your answer!