DetectorHistogrammer empty histograms

Dear all,

I am simulating a small turret of 3 alpide chips, inputting energy depositions from an external file (coming from a dedicated GEANT4 simulation). Unfortunately it looks like that the DetectorHistogrammer histograms are empty, even if I do see in the log (TRACE mode) that pixels are hit and charge deposits are there. Here below my configuration file.

number_of_events = 20
detectors_file = "alpide_cust.conf"
model_paths = ./
log_level = "TRACE"
log_format = "DEFAULT"


model = "csv"
file_name = "inputValues.csv"
detector_name_chars = 7
unit_length = "mm"
unit_energy = "MeV"
assign_timestamps = false
create_mcparticles = false
output_plots = 1

model = "linear"
bias_voltage = -50V
depletion_voltage = -30V
output_plots = 1

temperature = 293K
charge_per_step = 10
output_plots = 1
output_linegraphs = 1

output_plots = 1

output_plots = 1

granularity = 100,100
output_plots = 1

exclude = "PropagatedCharge"
file_name = "output.root"

Can you help me find the bug?


Hi @ffollega

the issue is here:

create_mcparticles = false

the DetectorHistogrammer module requires MCParticle information in order to be able to calculate efficiencies and therefore registers for receiving MCPartcle messages. If there are none, the module is skipped. Maybe we could look into possibilities of lifting this restriction, but I would suggest you directly analyze your stored data.

…and if I may give you an additional hint: you can exclude object types form being written via

exclude = "DepositedCharge", "PropagatedCharge"

in order to remove these high-volume intermediate objects which normally are not relevant to your simulation.