Detector module is not found

I am using a latest version of of Allpix on Ubuntu software and as per my previous link it installed correctly. However I cannot locate my modules. Can you please helpe out with this?

Hi @Sweetu,

could you elaborate a bit on what you mean by “you cannot locate your modules”? If you have set the CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX and have called make install, your modules are located at $CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX/lib/libAllpixModule*, otherwise in your Allpix Squared folder under lib/.



My problem was solved by using cmake options and specifing the build directory with cmake. However I need to know two more things?

  1. can we multithread the runs in Allpix.? If yes then how. If not then why?

  2. I need to define new geometry preferably a layer of LiF. I was successful in defining the material. But I do not know how to define the geometry? Can you please provide me some guidance?..


Hi @Sweetu

concerning your multi-threading question: currently, we are only able to multi-thread part of the simulation in case there are multiple detectors. Have a look at the user manual for this.

There is no global multi-threading since this is very intricate to get right. We need to ensure that the distribution of seeds for random number generators does not depend on processing orders of events etc. We have had a Google Summer of Code student working on this last year but have encountered problems with our interface to Geant4. This is still a work-in-progress.

What you can do easily is to launch several instances of Allpix Squared, each starting with a different random seed. The generated output files of these individual simulations can then be combined. This also works for computing clusters.

Concerning your second question I would like to ask you to open a separate topic in order not to mix things, and to describe your needs in a bit more detail.