[DepositionReader] - create_mcparticles


I am confused about the parameter “create_mcparticles” in [DepositionReader].
This parameter is described in the manual as follows.

create_mcparticles : Boolean to select whether or not Monte Carlo particle IDs should
be read and MCParticle objects created, defaults to true .

If it is set to true, then I need to provide track_id and parent_id. What impact do they have on the simulation process and results.


Hi @Tunooo ,

these IDs do not have any impact on the simulation. They will only be important as soon as you would like to correlate the (intermediate or final) simulation results to the initial particles.

As an example: A PixelHit carries a pointer to all MCParticles that contributed to this PixelHit, which can be used to analyse the detector e.g. w.r.t. its efficiency or resolution. With no MCParticles created, this information will not be accessible.

I hope this could help a bit.


Hi @pschutze ,

Thanks for completely solving my confusion.

All the best,