Deposited energy questions

Dear developers,
I was looking at the output plot “deposited_charge_per_event” that is created in the module DepositionGeant4 of Allpix2.
I’d like to understand if is it possible to have access at the energy value deposited in every event, in order to compute the ratio collected_charge/deposited_charge individually for every event.

Moreover, inside the output file, in the tree DepositedCharge/charge, I find this histogram, but I don’t know how to interpret it.


The configuration I’m using fot the DepositionGeant4 module is:

physics_list = FTFP_BERT_EMZ
particle_type = “mu-”
number_of_particles = 1
source_energy = 30MeV
source_position = 0um 0um -5mm
source_type = “beam”
beam_size = 0.5um
beam_direction = 0 0 1
max_step_length = 1um
output_plots = 1

Thanks a lot,

Hi @cferrero

the tree DepositedCharge contains all individually deposited clusters of electron-hole pairs in the sensor. So by summing all their charge_ values up for one event gives you the total energy deposited in the event and the given sensor. Have a look at the description of this object here: 6 Objects

The histogram you are looking at is just a plot from the tree, and therefore shows the distribution of energy (eh pairs) deposited * at a single location* - because it’s not summing them all up for the event but looking at all of them individually.

How are you analyzing your data? With a ROOT macro?

All the best,