Defining multiple geant physics lists

From my understanding only one physics list can be input at a time. To my knowledge, for my simulation i will need to include three lists for gamma rays, neutrons, and ions. Is this possible?

Dear @egiunta

the standard physics lists offered usually already contain a large set of interactions, and depending on your specific use cases there might be specialized physics lists available. Have you had a look at the Geant4 documentation ( or Since you mention neutrons, there is e.g. the QGSP_BERT_HP list including high-precision neutron modeling.

If this is not what you were looking for, I fear we would need some more information on the physics you are trying to simulate. Unfortunately, building physics lists is non-trivial, which is why we omitted this up til now, relying on the preconfigured options.


Just adding a third reference: Geant4 also has a somewhat more tidied up page on the physics lists, which is somewhat hard to find though: