Charge collecting algorithm for silicon strip sensor with intermediate strip

Dear allpix2 developers,

Currently the charge transport and signal transfer algorithm will collecting signals from all sensor strips. I want to add a charge collected methods for intermediate strip. Which means charge transport are the same as before, while in the signal transfer module, there will be two types of capacitive coulping array for readout strip and intermediate strip respectively.
Can you developers added this functional module, it may looks like the CpacitiveTransfer module, but the paremeters need contain how the intermediate strips are sorted. I will be very happy to join the developing work.

BTW, do you konw how to change the view direction GenericPropagation 3D plot? The default view is ZX, and in the TBrowser I can only rotate it with mouse. I want to change it into ZY or other fixed view direction. I guess the menu ‘View’ may useful, but it dosen’t work. I hoping in the GenericPropagation model, users can added a parameter that defined the view directions.


Dear @wangsh

this sounds like a very interesting simulation. You will certainly understand that we don’t have the time to implement specific user wishes but can only provide help. You have already identified the CapacitiveCoupling module as almost fitting for your purpose - I would recommend to just copy that module and start from there.

Concerning the view angle of the 3D line graphs of GenericPropagation, this can be changed using the two parameters:

output_plots_theta = 90deg
output_plots_phi = 0deg

as described in the user manual for the respective module (