Alpide geometry

i want to create curved geometry for alpide , how should i procced. i have done it as, but cant see the curved geometry in vis
type = “alpide”
position = 0 0 0
outer_radius = 50um
inner_radius = 20um
length = 1mm
starting_angle = 60deg
arc_length = 270deg
orientation_mode = xyz
orientation = 0 0 0

Hi @Muhammadwaqas ,

the parameters starting_angle and arc_length have been implemented only for passive cylinder geometries up to now, they do not apply to active materials (detectors).

There are a few attempts by other groups to implement different detector geometries, like hexagonal pixels. In the end what it boils down to is of course a description of the geometry, which could mostly be taken from the cylinder definition, and, more interestingly, a definition of the conversion from local to global coordinates and vice versa. We welcome contributions to Allpix Squared from users/developers, and would be happy to provide you with more advice in case you decide for attempting an implementation of curved detectors.