Allpix cant read detector model file


I have my branch eudet_RD53 on a forked repository, I created a new conf file for the detector model i’m using and it is placed in models/
For some reason allpix keeps failing because I can not find the model under the same name.

(FATAL) Error during execution of run:
Could not find a detector model of type ‘rd53a_25’
Please check your configuration and modules. Cannot continue.

I’m pretty sure that its the same name and there is a file in /models, but im stuck here.
perhaps someone can think of why its not finding the file?

note: it worked fine two days ago, but failed to work after a merge request


Hi @retaibah

If this is related to your merge request - at least there the model files are named with a dash (-) between chip name and pitch instead of an underscore (_). Might that be the issue?